ReadyList Youth is an interactive playbook learning and testing technology designed to drive engagement, comprehension, and safety.  This learning platform provides a fun learning experience for players of all age and skill levels, by allowing them to interact with the playbook content.

Coaches have access to pre-installed plays and can easily customize/edit their own.  Finally, practice time is more efficient by understanding deficient areas of playbook comprehension throughout their team.

What day and where are the practices?

  • Practices will be held a hour prior to the game at the Under the Lights facility, unless the coach wants to organize a practice during the week voluntarily. There will be a designated practice area for the teams on gameday.

Who will be the coaches and how do you become a coach?

  • We encourage parents to participate as coaches as we promote a fun filled family atmosphere in developing proper sportsmanship. To become a Coach please select the appropriate box on the registration form. Every coach must have a current background check. You can find the Background Checks on the Helena homepage.